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One Mega Collective is a fashion led Worldwide directory that allows brands, producers and creative directors to discover & book creative talent, influencers & photographic services in one place.

“One Mega Collective is a platform with some fantastic talent all gathered together and carefully curated for a really great offering”

Josh Caudwell – Still Life Photographer

James Callito

James Callito

Hair & Make-Up

James Callito


James Callito


James Callito

Photography Studio

James Callito


James Callito

Hair & Make-Up

James Callito


James Callito


James Callito

Creative Director

James Callito

Hair & Make-up

James Callito

Hair & Make-up

James Callito



James Callito

Make-Up Artist
James Callito

Nail Technician

James Callito




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Miriam Azoulay

The short answer to why we created ‘One Mega Collective’ is, we love fashion, iconic imagery, videography & innovative design and think inspiring creative professionals should have a free space to display their work. We also want the coolest brands on the market to have a simple platform to discover, save, share and contact the perfect creatives for their projects with the freedom to collaborate and share ideas directly.

We have found that our brand clients don’t just want the best creative talent for their projects, they want influencers, design and marketing expertise, location options and a single source destination for their photographic & film services. With an increase in the power of social media engagement, we have seen the demand for creative control to be given back to the individual who require a choice of verified and carefully curated production and creative services that they can access and utilise quickly and with confidence, anywhere in the world.

‘One Mega Collective’ is a data-driven digital and fashion led platform offering a place for curated production access with the purpose of helping brands & individuals source their favourite shoot crews & production services for their projects. Users can collaborate, cast and follow directly with approved creatives in the fashion industry. We wanted members to do this in a way that enhanced their search and casting experience bringing agency sensibilities to the online space, with social media influencer access, pin & mood board curation that at the same time sends traffic back to the creatives they are following.

We search out the most creative, influential and innovative portfolios, unique shoot locations, premium photographic studios and high end publications in the photography, film and design industries and with our simple search and save function, buyers and brands can access a world-wide database of creatives & services, hand selected and presented in one place.


‘One Mega Collective’ gives creatives the opportunity to showcase their work, network, and find job opportunities through direct access to a worldwide database of brands and buyers, all within one site. A design-focused platform, creatives can customise their online portfolios with images, video and music as well as displaying their biography, previous clients, testimonials and social links so that brands have all the information they require to choose, share, favourite and directly contact their preferred creatives.

Members can search specific job posts, share and discuss projects with fellow users, follow inspirational profiles and grow their brand and creative followers through submitting their latest work in the Showcase section. By receiving recommendations and improving their rating, members can be listed as a ‘Featured Creative’ meaning that their work has even more chance of being seen and shared by buyers all over the world. OMC members can also send us their latest work and stories for us to present to our publishing partners for potential features, cover stories and editorials in worldwide magazines. All members of One Mega Collective are showcased across our blog and social media channels to offer them and their work maximum exposure. No contracts, No Fees!

‘One Mega Collective’ is a platform that allows brands, producers and creative directors to discover, organise and favourite creative talent, influencers and photographic services in one place. We wanted to create a tool that enhances our clients search experience, whilst saving them valuable time now and in the future by providing a unique search and save service.

Marketing campaigns are changing, PR & shoot production is evolving and brands are increasingly integrating social media into their marketing strategies, turning to these platforms to source talent. The ability to bypass the middle man and facilitate direct interactions between brands and creatives is one of the most important aspects of ‘One Mega Collective’ and the result is the freedom to discover, inspire, network and collaborate without boundaries, commission or fees.

Brands can find their shoot crews, locations and design teams for a range of advertising projects, post job opportunities and promote their latest campaigns & products all through the ‘One Mega Collective platform’

Our shoot production company, One Mega Management has over 15 years experience coordinating shoot crews, sourcing talent and delivering worldwide production services so we know how valuable, reliable and experienced creatives are and how hard they are to find. We therefore designed OMC for people just like us, clients who want a diverse range of worldwide talent, approved, rated and organised into a single source. With all the user information you would require to make an informed selection for your project, including social media links and biography, buyers can book from our hand picked members with confidence with the added security of our bespoke rating system, client and personal recommendations as well as our custom messaging system that gives brands complete control over who can contact them.

Our new unique ‘Influencer Programme’ is a bespoke worldwide database designed specifically for brands looking to source a verified collection of the leading bloggers and social influencers in a range of sectors from health & beauty to travel & technology. Clients can discover members by location, industry or number of followers to initiate collaborations, partnerships or sponsored posts with perfectly matched, like minded social media experts from all over the world who can help bring valuable exposure to a their brand, campaign or product range.

Bloggers and talent can enter into partnership, endorsement and advertising programmes with brands, buyers and publishers all directly through the site by offering target market engagement, brand exposure and advanced social reach through product reviews, blogs, vlogs, photo shoots, sponsored posts and magazine articles.

Bloggers and influencers can get more information and submit their blog by signing up here. Brands looking to increase their company or product exposure or to start a campaign can search our directory for exclusive access to our database.

The ‘Mentor Programme’ gives individuals looking to pursue and develop a career in Fashion, Business, Photography, Styling, Film, Design, Publishing and many more fields, the chance to have direct access to industry insiders through group and private one to one sessions. Whether it be advice, guidance, recommendations or simply to be inspired by those who have established a successful career in creative fields, this programme is designed for you. ‘One Mega Collective’ host worldwide, Q & A Sessions, master classes, demonstrations and talks with some of the most experienced and renowned creatives in the industry, with live International streaming, private Skype sessions and group interactive classes. Click here for more information, packages and our next Mentor session.


“One Mega Collective is a platform with some fantastic talent all gathered together and carefully curated for a really great offering” Josh Caudwell – Still Life Photographer

“I’m excited for the One Mega Collective initiative because of what it means for the industry and for everyone involved. It acts like a bridge between so many wonderful creatives who are just looking for each other. It’s a catalyst in creating work like never before and I am so proud to be a part of it!” Pratik Naik – Retoucher

“I think we fell in love from the first contact! We have now built such a great working relationship that Fred & Ginger will continue to use One Mega Collective for all their photography needs in the future. I can’t recommend it enough.” Victoria Holt – Fred & Ginger Lingerie

“To get access to such an wide variety of creatives is amazing and I’m more than happy to be one of them. I hope we can inspire the future generation and not to mention inspire clients to book us” Anders Brogaard – Photographer

“Picdesk and OMC have a complimentary working relationship to cover all bases for promoting quality talent. Picdesk is the exclusive syndication agent for One Mega and are thrilled to be able to offer such great talent and highly-produced features to our clients around the world. This is a professional outfit that we are proud to partner with.” Meg Moss, Director @ Pic Desk & Image Brief

“I’ve worked with the One Mega team on numerous occasions over the past few years, both for editorial commissions and commercial jobs. They’re a great team to work with and have helped me produce some great content. They’ve also helped introduce me to some great repeat clients as well as excellent creative talent. I look forward to collaborating with them more and am proud to be part of the One Mega Collective. I see the collective as a great new platform for putting clients in touch with the right creatives to meet their needs” Keith Clouston – Photographer

“The Collective” such a unique idea.  It’s essentially a platform for creatives to showcase our work and allow companies to book us directly. It’s not an Agency, it’s almost like a one-stop shop and the app is so user-friendly. Sara Clark – Hair & Make-up Artist



Is it really free?
Yes completely free for everyone.

Do you take a commission off the bookings?
No we don’t! ‘One Mega Collective’ is a free directory for creatives, influencers, magazines, shoot locations and photographic studios to showcase their portfolio and for brands to discover them. Fees and booking details are agreed directly between the client and member.

Not that I’m complaining but why have you created this FREE platform?
We believe that all creatives in Fashion, photography, film, music and design should have a place to find job opportunities, be in control of their own careers and not have to pay agency fees or commission. We also want our clients to have the widest range of choice for their specific projects and be able to tailor their shoot crew to suit their brief and budget whilst gaining valuable brand exposure through blogger and influencer collaboration.

I’m not based in the UK, can I still sign up and find jobs?
Yes, ‘One Mega Collective’ is a worldwide directory of members from every country.

How do I get Approved to join ‘One Mega Collective’?
We search out the best and most diverse portfolios from established and rising creatives worldwide. We approve freelancers based on the quality of their work not their experience to give up and coming talent the opportunities they deserve. We look for portfolios that are a match for our client base so Sign up or contact us at with examples of your work, we will review and respond within 2 hours.

I’m having trouble signing up, what can I do?

If you have attempted to sign up and have not yet received approval, you may not have been successful this time but you can always contact us to still be considered to join ‘One Mega Collective’. If you are having any other issues with your account or profile please email

My images won’t upload to my profile?

If you are having any issues with uploading your profile with information, imagery, video or music please contact Some users may experience difficulties uploading images using the “Chrome” browser. We would recommend using “Safari” when possible or contacting us directly to resolve your specific issue.

Can I recommend a friend?
Yes, members can use their +one to gain guaranteed approval for one friend. If you think there is creative individual, shoot location or magazine we should know about, why not send us a cover shot or link to their work here to be reviewed for membership or featured on our blog

Im a Brand, can you recommend freelancers for my project?

Yes we can. ‘One Mega Collective’ was created by our photo shoot production company, One Mega Management which is part of One Mega Group, who can recommend individual creatives and produce your shoot from initial concepts to final delivery. Send us your brief here or visit our photo shoot production site to see our latest work and contact one of our dedicated production co-ordinators.

If I sign up for a brand account, am I going to receive daily messages from hundreds of different freelancers looking for work?
No, our bespoke messaging system gives each user complete control over who can message and follow them by simply changing their account privacy settings. All Members of ‘One Mega Collective’ are also hand picked and approved before they can sign up for an account so were confident you will only ever be interacting with like minded people. If you have any queries or issues regarding this matter, please contact

Can I advertise on your site?
Yes. We offer a range of advertising options and packages. For all media & advertising enquiries please email

How do I get to be a featured creative or brand?
This is mainly based on user ratings and reviews but we regularly promote offers to brands and freelancers who can benefit from a featured listing, blog articles, sponsored posts and dedicated mail outs. We also showcase featured portfolios and inspiring work on our social media channels and blog.

What is ‘One Mega Influencers’?

‘One Mega Influencers’ is a unique worldwide database designed specifically for brands looking to source a verified collection of the leading bloggers and social influencers in a range of industries from health & beauty to travel & technology. Clients can discover members by category, location or number of followers to initiate collaborations & partnerships with perfectly matched, like minded social media experts from all over the world who can help bring valuable exposure their brand, campaign or product ranges.

Bloggers and talent can enter into partnership, endorsement and advertising programmes with brands, buyers and publishers all directly through the site by offering target market engagement, brand exposure and advanced social reach through product reviews, Blogs, Vlogs, photo shoots, sponsored posts and magazine articles.

Bloggers & Influencers can sign up here for more information. Brands looking to increase their company or product exposure can also contact us now for exclusive access to our database.